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Joining us from Australia is the always fabulous Polka Dot Bride who is always full of really cool ideas and inspiration.

A little bit about Polka Dot Bride in her own words…
Polka Dot Bride is designed to be an Australian wedding blog dedicated to inspiring you to create a beautiful wedding uniquely yours.
In my younger days I collected all kinds of bridal information, a lot I still have today. I’d drag my dad to the photocopier and have him help me photocopy my favourite bits out of bridal magazines- bits I still have today. My collection of bridal magazines is one I am slightly red faced about, but throwing them out would be too painful!

I’ve always loved what a wedding represents- a big celebration surrounding the love of two people (corny?? maybe) Now as i have grown older and am part of the industry I love the different facets of weddings- the divine couture, stunning papers, delicious food- and who knew there were so many options for a veil? I’m always scouring international sites for the latest in wedding trends and am continually amazed by the fresh, unique and stylish ideas available. I look everywhere for inspiration- gardens, books, a beautiful piece of crockery.

I’m all for doing things traditionally, but admit there’s a slight touch of anti-bride in my system, I believe thats more to do with making your wedding unique to you and a heck of a lot of fun! I love a wedding where the couple shines.

I hope to touch on anything wedding related that is useful to today’s bride- style, unique finds, fabulous suppliers all with a little bit of fun thrown in! I want to inspire you, to make you dream, to ease the wedding stress and to create an event that is beautiful, and is you.

Located in Australia, the options are somewhat harder to find, but when you find one it’s all the more fun!. In this blog, I discover the unique, the stylish, the fresh and the quirky wedding ideas for Australian (and international!) weddings- most of all I hope to discover things that can make your wedding fun and about YOU!


One Response to “Wedding blog – Polka Dot Bride”

  1. Thanks for the shoutout Justine 🙂

    Though it seems myself and Elizabeth Anne Designs have morphed in this post!

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