Bride Blog – With this ring, I thee obsess


Today’s feature is Tina Louise, a sassy chick from Chicago planning an October 2008 wedding.
Here’s what she has to say about her wedding…the first post on the blog.
Andy and I were engaged on September 15, 2007. We’re planning an October 17, 2008 wedding in Chicago. As soon as we chose a local wedding over a destination wedding, I began fantasizing about a intimate, laugh-filled, candlelit ceremony followed by a wonderful cocktail party filled with family and friends eating, drinking, and dancing. Unfortunately, I’m finding that my minimalist vision means three things:

* Decisions.
* Decisions.
* Decisions.

Now, I know that every wedding is filled with decisions; but, for a girl like me, that means:

Decisions = Over Thinking = Driving Myself (and my fiance and friends) Nuts

Hopefully, I am not really driving people nuts and it’s just Catholic Guilt that makes me concerned about being “that girl.” But just in case, here’s to hoping that I don’t drive you nuts too!


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