Designer Spotlight – Bridal Fashion by Millie


Designing fabulous yet affordable gowns for unbrides, today I bring you, Bridal Fashion by Millie.

We are very glad you have found our website. ‘Millie’ is designed to appeal to the girl who likes something a little different. It is fashion mixed with the traditional. They are sold exclusively on this website and in my bridal shop where the styles are tested before I introduce them nationwide. Construction and fit are just as important in flattering your figure as style and particular attention has been paid on all levels.

Your wedding gown is the single most important piece of clothing you will ever own. If you are having a large, formal affair or something small in the backyard, you still want to look fabulous. Many gown companies today are copying each other so there is very little original being offered. There is no need to look like every other bride this season. I hope you will find my line refreshing.

Judy Panozzo
bridal fashion by millie


One Response to “Designer Spotlight – Bridal Fashion by Millie”

  1. You are too sweet!!!! I knew I liked you from the very beginning:)!!! Thank you so much!

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