Wedding Blog – It’s a Jaime Thing…


If you want to read a really fun wedding blog with lots of cool and kinda funky ideas, you must check out It’s a Jaime Thing.
Recently finding an outlet to let my creative juices flow, I decided to finally begin my own blog. Hope you enjoy my findings, thoughts, dreams and creative plugs…into the life of a 29 year old woman who’s still trying to figure out what she “wants to be when she grows up”. Through life’s journey we find a fascinating road, but why not take the scenic route?! Hey I’m just Jaime…but if you understood you’d see a lot more!


One Response to “Wedding Blog – It’s a Jaime Thing…”

  1. Awww…thank you so much for featuring “It’s A Jaime Thing” on your blog!!! That was super sweet of you! I’m loving Unveiled, this was such a fabulous idea to create. Great job on it, too! I can’t wait to see more…have a lovely day!

    -Jaime @ “It’s A Jaime Thing”

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