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Since Jenna a.k.a. That Bride has such a fantastic bio on her blog, I figured I’d just let her introduce herself. 🙂
My name is Jenna and I call my guy Swayzie (you know, for privacy reasons, and also because my grandma couldn’t remember his name and called him that once). We are an LDS couple (Mormon) and I from Washington state while he hails from Poland. He is a gorgeous European and I love listening for the hint of an accent he lets slip through when he isn’t paying close enough attention. The way he says “girlfriend” is just adorable. After we get married we will be living in Texas where he currently works as a consultant, and then who knows what will happen after that. Eventually we will end up in Poland. We’ve been together for almost a year now, and although we aren’t engaged yet we have set a date in October because I don’t want to deal with the unavailability of all my favorite vendors if I wait to start planning after he proposes later in the Summer.

We lived in the same building 2 years ago, and after we started dating last May we were only able to spend 2 short months together before he moved down to Dallas and I stayed in Utah to keep going to school. Long distance is the worst idea ever, but we don’t have any other choice right now (and I actually prefer it because I think it is speeding up the engagement process a little bit).

Swayzie is as far removed from the planning process as a groom can possibly be, and he and I are both okay with that. His ambivalence combined with my opinionated nature pair up very nicely together. I am picking out (basically purchasing) my own ring (a post to come on that very topic rather shortly) and pretty much only requiring him to propose, show up the day of and bring a few friends and family along.

My parents are funding this entire affair so they are highly involved with the planning process and their opinions mean a lot to me. They are even willing to do things a little differently (especially compared to the weddings that are usually planned by brides in my hometown).
As of right now the tentative plan is to get married in the Bellevue Temple on Friday. Won’t we look perfect in the place of that bride and groom to the left? (Photo by Derek Pearson) Only those with a temple recommend will be able to attend the ceremony so that guest list for this event will be rather small. We will then have a luncheon for all those who came to watch us get married and then Swayzie and I will be off to enjoy our first night as a married couple!

The next day we will wake up and enjoy the city (a time when I will desperately want to be wearing my dress and make everyone else dress up as well so we can wander all over the city and take pictures like the one to the right by MBK). Maybe we will get on a boat and enjoy Puget Sound a little bit, maybe we will visit a museum, or maybe I will make everyone wander around Pike’s Place. After a day exploring the city we will all have dinner together, do some toasting and cake cutting, and then have some kind of exciting getaway. I hope that the entire weekend can be an unforgettable experience for our guests (especially since we have people flying across the world to come!).

As if all that excitement weren’t enough, after spending a few days relaxing in Seattle we will get on a plane and fly across the world so that we can make our big debut in Poland as a married couple and most likely have a little ceremony there as well for his friends and family who couldn’t fly over. The best part of this plan is that after we are done in Poland we can have our honeymoon somewhere in Europe (we might as well, we will already be there). I am definitely an off-the-beaten-path kind of a girl, so there isn’t really any chance we will go any of the standard European honeymoon locations. I am leaving all of that planning up to him (although I am not above emailing him helpful hints every once in a while!)

So that is a little bit about me, my situation, and my wedding vision. Please feel free to introduce yourself, and if you EVER want to discuss something wedding related leave a comment or email me at jnicholea at gmail dot com. Ciao e Grazie!


2 Responses to “Bride Blog – That Bride”

  1. I am so behind on my feeds. Thanks so much for featuring me! I am not that blushing bride.

  2. and by “not that blushing bride” I meant “now that blushing bride” 🙂

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