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Bridal Cheek is a blog for brides who are as quirky as the name implies. Brides who aren’t afraid to stray from tradition, break the rules, view life with a sense of humor, and who can accomplish all of this with a sense of style. I’m a Seattle girl who fell in love with an […]

Since Jenna a.k.a. That Bride has such a fantastic bio on her blog, I figured I’d just let her introduce herself. 🙂 My name is Jenna and I call my guy Swayzie (you know, for privacy reasons, and also because my grandma couldn’t remember his name and called him that once). We are an LDS […]

Check out this really great blog, A Bride in the Making all about planning a fall 2009 wedding in NYC.

DC Nearlyweds is one of my favorite wedding-related blogs because I get to read about all of these great weddings in my hometown of Washington DC. The funny thing is that I never even discovered this blog until after I moved to Los Angeles but now I can’t get enough. Enjoy! Ah planning a wedding. […]

You may also know Kelly De Luca as Miss Flamingo on Wedding Bee but that should not stop you from visiting her own personal fabulous and amazing bride blog, Glamour This. My name is Kelly De Luca and I am a graphic designer. I started planning my wedding not to long ago and I am […]

Here is another great bride blog called Tales of a Female Husband written by “Loaf” who is eagerly counting down the days to her wedding…465 and counting. Loaf: My nickname in real life and the world of the internet. I’m a poet and perpetual grad student hoping to eventually be a professor and published author. […]

Today’s feature is Tina Louise, a sassy chick from Chicago planning an October 2008 wedding. Here’s what she has to say about her wedding…the first post on the blog. Andy and I were engaged on September 15, 2007. We’re planning an October 17, 2008 wedding in Chicago. As soon as we chose a local wedding […]